What to Expect


  • In our first meeting I will ask you to fill me in on what has been going on, how you have been feeling, and what lead you to come to see me. It's a chance for me to start to understand you and your situation better, and for you to get some sense of me. 
  • In the second session we continue to try to figure out how one thing is leading to another.  CBT looks at a person's environment, as well as their thoughts, feelings, physical symptoms and behaviour, and then at how these interact with each other. This understanding helps us decide where to start -  to help you reach your goals. 
  • If we haven't already talked about your goals, this is the time to start! We will begin each session with a short discussion of what we are going to talk about in the next hour; having some structure and focus will help get you on your way towards your goals all the faster. 
  • Developing an "action plan" during sessions also really helps – this might be making some observations, trying out a new skill, or running a mini-experiment between one session and the next. 
  • When you next come in we will take a look at what you have discovered, and build from that.The process is designed to be collaborative – you are the expert on you, and I have been trained to ask some good questions!